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My thighs are bigger than my chances in life

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reblog for easter

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eeeek idk what to do for art for my final project for the year.

It’s either going to be a future look at Chernobyl and like an almost advertisement of a utopia city scape but I’m awful at painting transparent things.

Something to do with North Korea. I’ll just leave it at that.

Orrrr paintings of women and the pathways through life as the media see different stages in life that are condemned, so itll start with a picture of a baby going off into a toddler, that will go into 2 pictures of two children if they took a good path in life or a bad path in life then that will go off into two more pictures until they get old. There will be one thats a happy old lady, one thats a crazy cat lady and one which is a grave stone from early death. idk. Leaning towards this one more. Seems complex and crazy and stressful to make. Me likey.


Cutting in half a round Ruby and Cubic Zirconia stone with a small stone set in a bezel in the center is the key to this design.

But I decided to take it one step further by adding color stones to the engagement ring. The Peridot (the green stones) represents the heath and the engagement band set with blue Topaz shows your experience.

Credit goes to my little brother, Josh, for coming up with the name of the design. I present, the Trainer’s Band.


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Thana Kuhnen | Jean Paul Gaultier | Autumn/Winter 2009 Haute Couture

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which is why you shouldn’t listen to anyone who tells you that you look ugly/fat/ridiculous. If you feel good, then power to you.

Fashion is fleeting.

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